What is UOTeachOUT?

It is vital that we occupy
theorizing space..

UOTeachOUT Theory

UOTeachOUT is a multitude of things:

  • UOTeachOUT is a series of anti-oppressive teacher education outreach events, forums, and activities that take place annually during the month of May. This series of public pedagogy faculty and student projects is designed and enacted by Department of Education Studies seniors and graduate students enrolled in a seminar course.  Some projects are linked to regional middle and high school Gay Straight Alliance (gsa) and Queer Alliance (qa) clubs.  Other projects are linked to statewide educational leaders, and still others are linked to national research on relevant topics annually.  The core series of activities for each years UOTeachOUT include:
    • BBQueer: A community wide fundraiser hosted by UOTeachOUT for the youth leadership summit and the LGBTQ inclusive high school prom
    • Pink Prom: The UOTeachOUT team provide the labor and chaperons to the regional GSA’s for their annual prom
    • UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit (serving approximately 140 middle school students)
    • UOTeachOUT Anti-Oppressive Educators Summit (an annual public forum at the university)
    • UOTeachOUT Teacher Education Leadership Summit (a research to practice meeting)
  • UOTeachOUT is a complex public pedagogy teacher education curriculum designed and supervised by teacher educator’s Julia Heffernan and Tina Gutierez-Schmich.
  • UOTeachOUT is the powerful human team of UO Education Studies students enrolled in an education foundations senior seminar entitled Equality of Opportunity: Education as Homophobia.
  • UOTeachOUT is a community of five years of alumni from this course and other alumni and social justice educator allies in public education.
  • UOTeachOUT is a community of regional primary and secondary educators who are working today to make schools safer and more inclusive for all youth.
  • UOTeachOUT is a group of doctoral students and academics exploring the intersections of queer theory, critical pedagogy, multicultural education, and other areas of teacher education and education studies.
  • UOTeachOUT is a social network blog beginning today (2/28/15).   This blog will serve as another community forum for the students, alumni and kindred teachers seeking to maintain a social justice teaching community.

Why call it a TeachOUT?

In 1965, pro-democracy and peace studies academics and educators staged teach-ins to break silence and address critical social issues through teaching and learning. These teach-ins were held in public spaces and offered as seminars to break the silence on taboo topics. At teach-ins information was shared with the general public in an effort to educate toward social change.

In 2010 the Department of Education Studies began offering Equality of Opportunity senior seminar courses on the brutalizing impacts of homophobia, sexism, racism, nationalism, classism, and ecological exploitation on education. Each of these seminar courses asked students to reach out into under-served and underrepresented communities to learn about these social issues and their impacts on child development and education.

Faculty member Julia Heffernan concluded that rather than a teach-in, this new form of critical and queer pedagogy would actually be a teach-out thru which pre-service teachers would move outside of the classroom and into the general community to teach and to learn.