Who makes UOTeachOUT?

Because we are made to tell the world that there are no outsiders.

UOTeachOUT There are no outsiders in education

Who is UOTeachOUT?
The co-creators and co-directors of UOTeachOUT are:

Julia Heffernan, PhD.  Director of Master’s Degree and Licensure Program
UO Department of Education Studies
Tina Gutierez-Schmich, PhD.  Equity Director
Bethel School District

Heffernan and Gutierez-Schmich have coauthored two texts on the UOTeachOUT project and the curriculum theory for the course:
A Queer Pedagogy for Teacher Education:  Teaching Future Teachers about Homophobia in Education.  In Voices of LGBTQ Students and Teachers: Changing the Culture of Schooling. Veronica Bloomfield, Editor. Paradigm Publishers.
Public Pedagogy.  In Critical Concepts in Queer Studies and Education: An International Guide for the Twenty-First Century. Brockenbrough, Ingrey, Martino, and Rodriguez, Editors. Plagrave Macmillan.

Heffernan and Schmich along with a fresh new class/team of 30 seniors and graduate students enrolled a Department of Education Studies course entitled Education as Homophobia make UOTeachOUT events happen spring term every year.  The UOTeachOUT team works in partnership with five regional school districts, a collection of University partners, a collection of youth advocacy organizations, partnering religious institutions, and many generous business partners to make UOTeachOUT happen every year.

Our committed school district partner is Carmen Urbina, the Parent and Community Advocate for the Eugene School District.  Carmen has been fundamental to the initiation and ongoing success of this K-12 and Higher Education teacher education and equity outreach partnership.

In addition there have been committed graduate students and faculty in the Department of Education Studies and activists and experts in the field who have made significant contributions to the development of the project over the past five years.  Of particular note within the department are Dr. Jerry Rosiek who has lent his BBQ expertise to the project.  And doctoral student Courtney Rath took on leadership in working with graduate students beginning in 2014.



UOTeachOUT class of 2015

UOTeachOUT Class of 2014
UOTeachOUT Class of 2013