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Each year students, faculty, and community members design public pedagogy projects that are gifted to the community to offer new ways of thinking about anti-oppressive education.   Everything from t-shirts, to photo exhibits, to posters have been created and installed in public spaces for UOTeachOUT.  

In 2015 UOTeachOUT students, faculty, and the local k-12 school community will host an art show based on the theme On Becoming: An Identity Project.  In addition they will distribute beautiful anti-oppressive classroom posters.


The No Outsiders Classroom

UOTeach OUT There are no outsiders in educationThe No Outsiders 

The No Outsiders Classroom is  a 2014-15 collage1public art installation created by almost two hundred Education Studies students in the fall of 2014.  This rather large collective of learners and artists were all pre-education students enrolled in an Education Studies course entitled *Issues and Problems in Education.

(See details, video, and course description after the link.)

Classroom Posters

cropped-tree-imagehighres1.jpgThe UOTeachOUT Welcoming Community Tree

 In 2011 UO College of Education graphic designer Lillian Winkler-Rios developed the thematic rainbow community gathering tree imagery for the second annual UOTeachOUT.   She also created a series of inclusive schools posters.

UOTeach PRIDE Lanyards

lanyardsFor Teachers and Youth Advocates
Breaking Silence Takes Practice

The first UOTeachOUT event in 2010 brought togehter a small group of pre-service teachers, current teachers, administrators, faculty, and community members who wanted to work together to address issues of homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and gender inequality in schooling.

This small group discussed the challenges of speaking up in school settings to support gender identity and sexual orientation minority youth and families.  In addition the group discussed the challenges of being visible as an advocate for these youth.    

Facing Equality

Facing Equality: A Collaboration with the ASUO Women’s Centerfacing equality

FACING EQUALITY is a photography and videography project that documents anyone and everyone who does not identify as 100% straight or does identify within the LGBT*QQIAA2SPP spectrum. Through the power of images, we seek to create a sense of community, remove the stigma associated with identifying as anything other than cisgender and straight, and represent campus and Eugene community as united in the movement for gender and sexual equality.