On Becoming: An Identity Project

Emerging 2015

What does it mean to be seen…

When children and young adults see educators, administrators, parent volunteers, coaches, and community members who look like them they are much more likely to be successful in school.

We know from study after study that children who have direct experiences with positive role models who represent aspects of their identities thrive.

The “On Becoming” identity project asks educators and future educators to think about both how they elect to be seen and how they are unavoidably seen as they move around in the world of schools.

  • Educators and future educators are asked to ponder the benefits and costs of how aspects of their own identity are seen and interpreted in schools.
  • Asked to deeply consider how they choose each day which aspects of their identity will be visible in schools.
  • And finally, asked to express some key aspects of personal identity onto the body of a little wooden mannequin.   Asked to be seen.


This theory and practice community art project asks educators to ponder theories of identity, representation, and visibility and then manifest a human being who can be seen by students in schools.

Don’t worry, the project is called “On Becoming,” so whatever aspect of yourself you commit to the statue may still change over time for you.

We will share all the wooden people at an Education Studies reception and then they will all go on display for the month of May at the Eugene Public Library as part of UOTeachOUT 2015.

The Education Studies faculty mannequins are now on display in the Education Studies office.

Students from winter term Education as Patriarchy have now also contributed art to this project.  Their work can now be seen in the Education Studies office as well.