Online Journal

The 2015 UOTeachOUT students hosted, instructed, and participated in a total of eight LGBTQ instructional and advocacy events during the 10 weeks of UO’s Spring Term.

1.) On Becoming:  Identity Mannequin Art Show at the Downtown Public Library
2.) A BBQueer community wide fundraiser
3.) A Pink Prom
4.) A GSA Youth Leadership Summit for five regional school districts
5.) A directors conversation and film screening of the film PUT THIS ON THE MAP
6.) An art display of the No Outsiders Classroom at the Undergraduate Symposium
7.) An openhouse and author talk entitled Striving for Social Justice in Education with CJ Pascoe and Kevin Kumahsiro
8.) A Teacher Education Leadership Summit on Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in an Era of Standards and Accoutability with Kevin Kumashiro

The amazing students who make the events of UOTeachOUT happen have each written a final reflection on a personal favorite memory from the year.    Enjoy…