UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit

UOTeachOUT 2016 Youth Leadership Summit
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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Featuring: Documentary filmmakers Joe Wilson, Dean Hamer,

and teacher and keynote speaker Kumu Hina.
And screening two amazing new documentary films:  A Place in the Middle  and  Kumu Hina preview trailers below
Additional guests and specific events will be announced in January.


UOTeachOUT 2015 Youth Leadership Summit
Bodies, Borders, and Bridges

May 14, 2015 

The 2015 Youth Leadership Summit
will feature:
Visual artist and social activist Julio Salgado
Multimedia artists and film makers of Put This on the {MAP}

Teacher and faculty advisers from regional middle schools can contact uoteachout@uoregon.edu for information on how to register a team of youth to attend the summit.

The 2015 UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit features: Julio Salgado and Put this on the Map
The 2015 UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit features: Julio Salgado and Put this on the Map

The UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit is a pre-service teacher education project in partnership with three local school districts.  For the past four years education studies students in the UOTeachOUT course Education as Homophobia have hosted a youth leadership summit for all of the local school districts students and advisers of GSA student organizations and social justice clubs.  (Gay Straight Alliances)

The youth leadership summit focuses on offering these students leadership training, enrichment activities, access to role models, and an opportunity to network across the school districts.  The first youth summit took place in 2011 in the Eugene School District board room.  Approximately 30 students and 10 district employees attended that event.  In 2014 the fourth leadership summit took place in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Eugene with 130 students and 24 teachers in attendance alongside the 30 UOTeachOUT students and the speakers and presenters for that day.

Students from the 2011 and 2012 youth summits are now in leadership positions in high schools throughout the community as well as representing the student body on the Superintendents student advisory board for one of our partner districts.

School districts register to bring a youth leadership team of 10 of their best and brightest LGBTQ and allied students to this summit.

Schools and districts must have professional educators in attendance with each team of youth to assure us within the UOTeachOUT planning group of their commitment to providing ongoing support for their LGBTQ and allied youth.

Advisers from regional middle schools can contact Julie Heffernan for information on registering a team of youth to attend the summit.  Email contact is uoteachout@uoregon.edu

The 2015 UOTeachOUT Youth Leadership Summit:

Bodies, Borders, and Bridges:
May 14, 2015

The 2015 Youth Leadership Summit will Feature:
Julio Salgado
Put This on the {MAP}

About Julio Salgado

Julio Salgado is the co-founder of DreamersAdrift.com. His activist artwork has become a staple of the DREAM Act movement. His status as an undocumented, queer artivist has fueled the contents of his illustrations, which depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM Act movement. Undocumented students and allies across the country have used Salgado’s artwork to call attention to the youth-led movement.

His work has been praised by OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano, KPCC-FM 89.3’s Multi-American blog and the influential journal ColorLines. In July 2012, Salgado and other undocumented activists joined Jose A. Vargas on the cover of Time Magazine. Salgado graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in journalism. To see more of his artwork and other collaborations, you can go to juliosalgado.com.


Reteaching Gender & Sexuality was created by a team of community based educators, filmmakers, and grassroots organizers in the Pacific Northwest in 2010. The group’s media has since been adapted by teachers, students, and activists in classrooms and communities across the country. This interactive workshop based on RGS media will build on students’ skills and leadership as educators, organizers, and cultural creators!

Led by RGS team members: Aysha, Ponyboy, and Sid.